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Guild Class Schedule
For 2008-09 Faire Season 

Guild Class

2008-9 Guidelines

Reserve space for class with Guild Mistress.
Saturday September 27 9-10:30 am at Mickey Grove Park Pic Nic in Lodi,CA.
Guild House (209) 295-1858 or call Stockton House Chaitalaines R.S.V.P.
Building a Renaissance Character 101

This beginning class is on preparing a character role. How to choose a name from lists of names in history, and how to research it. What would be your trade or profession? What would your clothing look like? Practice Renaissance language and phrases.Costuming discussions and proper trims will be disscussed and approved at this time. Bring fabric swatches to this meeting.

one class for 2008

Sunday Nov. 1-4 PM at Thistle House
Guild House (209) 295-1858 R.S.V.P.
Weapons Safety 102
This class will help you understand the proper names and uses of certain weapons of the renaissance. Safe handling and storage will be discussed. Faire rules will be clarified. You must take 102 before you can take any advanced weapons technique classes.

2 classes for 2008-09

Saturday September 27th 11:00-12:00 Mickey Grove Park Lodi
Guild House (209) 295-1858 R.S.V.P.
Etiquette 103
This is a full court etiquette class. It includes proper introductions, bows and curtsies, posture, rule of the hand, proper court manners and how to dress to show.Bring a fan and a handkerchief.

One class for 2008-09.

All morning notes review!!

Guild House (209) 295-1858 R.S.V.P.

Properties of the Encampment 104
This class will show you how to put together the basic demonstration area. What period furniture and decor is allowed. Theatrical techniques and Street acting will be discussed and practiced.

All attend this class.

September 27th Discussions will start at 12:05 and follow through untill 1:30 pm at Mickey Grove Park in Lodi. This will be an open discussion with concentration on character parts and accesseries. Otherwise Reserve time with Guild Mistress.

Guild House (209) 295-1858 R.S.V.P.

Costuming Class 105

This class shows how to construct Bog dresses, and nobles dress. Some discussion on Mens' clothing and the components of both. If you are changing your status this year this class is a must! All costumes are to get guild mistress approval before making your full costume.

Before making any new attire!!!

Round Table Pizza
HWY 12 Lodi as you enter town
 7:00p.m.-9:00 p.m.
5 meetings available! Make arrangements now!

Sign ups call Guild House at (209) 295-1858

Language and Ceremony Class 106
This class trains the actor on the language and accents of the time period. Flow and speech patterns practiced. Ceremonies are discussed during the class and specific rehearsing of the process, props, and personnel that are included in each there in. 

reserve your time.

Guild House RSVP and Guild Mistress approval

Special arrangement

Guild Chatalaine Training
Persons wishing to accept job of being a  sponsor in the Guild. Persons must be responsible to hold meeting at least once a month and to inform Guild mistress of members attendance. Persons taking this responsibility will also help train new folk in our guild under the rules of this guild and within the parameters of the guild bylaws.

See guild Mistress.

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